Thinking of changing estate agents? – Our smooth move guide

February 18, 2023

An excellent realtor will be committed to helping you sell your house quickly and for the highest possible price. If everything goes according to plan, they will determine the appropriate price for it, advertise it successfully, negotiate and move the sale forward so you can move on to your new house as scheduled. They will also make the whole process as painless as possible. Every customer is our priority, and it is what each vendor hopes their experience would be like.

Upon entering a house, the hallway is neutrally decorated. To the right is a huge round white mirror, and to the left is a large cream armchair and side table.

But things are not always easy, and if your house has been up for sale for a time with no sign of a sale, you could be feeling discouraged and considering switching brokers.

There might be several reasons why things did not turn out the way you had hoped. Even if your agency initially appeared like the ideal option to sell your house, they have not exactly lived up to expectations. Perhaps the viewings you were promised never happened, and the agent is now pressuring you to lower your asking price. Perhaps they were attentive and encouraging at first, but as time goes on, their phone calls and emails are becoming less frequent, and you get the impression that selling your house is no longer a top concern for them.

On the other side, you could believe that your agent has given it their all but that things have not worked out despite their efforts. In this case, a change is definitely in order.

A lovely light pink rose in a transparent vase is displayed in front of a well-lit log fireplace on a glass table in the room’s center. What is the appropriate course of action if, notwithstanding the circumstances, you feel that your relationship with your present agent has reached a dead end and you want to move to a new one?

Here is our helpful guide to help you move as smoothly as possible from your previous agent to your new one:

1. Be very clear about what exactly is not working for you.

Making a note of the items you do not like and what has been done to fix them so far might be useful for preparing you for an honest discussion with your estate agent. Making this decision will also make it easier for you to specify what a new agent should perform differently.

2. Review the terms of your present contract.

The “sole agency” clause is the most typical agreement between an agent and their customer, and it states that only that estate agent has the authority to sell your house and collect the selling commission. To help you prepare, find out whether there is a tie-in time and how much notice you must provide.

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3. Discuss everything openly with your estate agent.

Have a conversation with your agent before you immediately terminate your contract. If you have not expressed your worries to them, they may not be aware that you are upset and disappointed with how things have turned out thus far. A skilled agent will request a review meeting with you and provide recommendations on how to increase your marketability. They could advise a price decrease, offer to rephotograph your house, or relaunch it on the portals.

By taking proactive measures now, you will feel more in control of your house sale, regardless of whether you decide to give your estate agent another chance or end your arrangement and transfer to another estate agency.

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4. Shortlist alternative estate agents

Ask your friends and relatives which estate agents they would suggest in the neighborhood and why if you are ready to switch estate agents. then look at the portfolios of these agents. Do they presently offer and sell properties similar to yours? Which residence in their portfolio—the most costly or the least expensive—would you be? Examine their ratings on Google and Facebook to learn more about their standards for marketing and photography.

Call to set up a meeting at your house after you have identified one or two agents you believe might be worthwhile to speak with.

In the center of a room with a dark stone floor and open patio doors leading to a bright garden, there is a pale and white wooden dining table and seating.

5. Ask the appropriate queries.

You can make an educated choice and maybe increase your chances of selling your home and relocating by asking the proper questions of a possible real estate agent.

To engage the agent in a candid conversation, use the following set of inquiries as a checklist:

Do you know why our house has not sold? Is it the cost, marketing, presentation, etc.?

Do you have any suggestions about how we may show and style our property to get the greatest possible price?

What will you do that our prior agent didn’t? This is a crucial topic to ask since you do not want to deal with the same problems again with a different agent.

How would you promote our house? You should be able to see from this how aggressive they are in locating and matching possible buyers, how inventive they are with their marketing, and what sets them apart from other agencies.

When and how frequently will you get in touch with us? Will it be via phone, email, or text? Will they call you with feedback after each viewing, for instance? Get a commitment from them to remain in contact and keep you updated since, in our experience, when customers are unhappy with their agent, it is often because of a lack of communication. This may be difficult whether you have been on the market for a week or many months.

What kind of agency agreements do you provide, and how long must they last? If being locked into your prior agent’s services for many months did not sit well with you, you may be able to negotiate more accommodating conditions this time.

Keep an eye out to see whether the agent is also questioning you throughout the valuation discussion. You want an agent that is interested in learning about your circumstances and the reasons you want to sell your house so they can customize their strategy and provide you the selling experience you deserve!

A face-down open book with glasses perched on the spine is put in front of a lighted fireplace on a wooden coffee table.

6. Seal the deal

Like dating, choosing an estate agent depends on whether you like the person well enough to want to see them again. The connection between you, the customer, and your estate agent is greatest when it is a collaboration that lasts at least for months and sometimes even years. You must have the confidence that your agent has your back and will stand by you no matter what, particularly during difficult talks with a buyer.

On a dark grey marbled kitchen work area, grapes and croissants are arranged next to bright teal teacups and a teapot.

While we generally advise against starting a relationship with a new estate agent right immediately, switching to a new agent may be the best course of action if you feel you have used up all of your existing agent’s motivation, endurance, and expertise.

We would love to have a private conversation with you about your alternatives. We will be upfront and honest with you about why we believe your house has not sold yet and what we believe the solution could be. We seldom recommend price reductions and instead choose to utilize our marketing and style expertise as the first line of defense, but allow us to introduce ourselves in person!

If you’re looking to sell or let your home with a Lee On The Solent Estate Agent, Stubbington Estate Agent, Gosport Estate Agent, Fareham Estate Agent, Portsmouth Estate Agent then please do no hesitate to email: or call on 023 93 960 169.

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