Do you want to be moved by Christmas? Now is the time to act!

October 8, 2022

Christmas will be here before we know it. Christmas parties are being promoted, several garden centers are already beginning to prepare, and the Harrods Christmas store has been open for more than a month. Many house movers make the decision now to relocate by Christmas. They gave themselves a deadline to meet. Thus, December has emerged as one of the year’s busiest months for individuals physically relocating.

The deadline for moving in this year is December 23. That only gives us four months to sell and finish your house. Can it still be done? It can, however, if you want to swiftly find a buyer, you must be using our advice. Since the summer break is over and everyone is focused on moving, September is a busy month for real estate transactions.

1. Select the ideal real estate agent.

Selecting the ideal estate agent is crucial. The ideal estate agent will pay attention to your requirements and worries. Choose the agent with whom you are most at ease. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for referrals. The ideal agent will be curious to learn more about you and your house. An effective agent will keep in touch with you. They will provide you with sincere criticism as well as comments and recommendations.

2. Set a reasonable price

For anybody attempting to adhere to a schedule, accurate pricing is essential. Nobody likes to give their house away, but if you raise the price too much, potential buyers will not even be interested in seeing it. The buyers will come if you reasonably price your house. Homes with reasonable prices draw visitors. To convert the viewing into a sale for you is our responsibility. Additionally, if we get many bids, you will still get a better deal!

3. Know your best selling points

What distinguishing features do you have? Why should someone purchase your home as opposed to another? I pose this question to each of my customers. The new owner will be drawn in by these major selling qualities. Think about the past. How did you decide on your residence? Let us create your marketing efforts centered on these ideas.

4. Prepare your home for sale

Initial impressions matter. Give your customers reasons to purchase rather than excuses to flee. Reopen the drapes to let more light in. On chilly days, start the fire. Retouch the paint job. Spend money on new cushions to spruce up your couch. Organize your bed. Bring your bathroom supplies out. Rich, powerful colors offer a space an inviting warmth as fall approaches. Planting according to the season can keep your garden or yard tidy and colorful.

5. Consider buying a home that is chain free!

Finally, consider purchasing a chain-free house if you are determined to move into your new place before Christmas. You will have a lot more control as a result. Sales might go more quickly when a house is vacant. It merits consideration!

Will you be relocating by Christmas? If so, follow our suggestions and before you know it, you will be enjoying your Thanksgiving feast in your new house!

If you’re looking to sell or let your home with a Lee On The Solent Estate Agent, Stubbington Estate Agent, Gosport Estate Agent, Fareham Estate Agent, Portsmouth Estate Agent then please do not hesitate to email or call on 023 93 960 169.

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